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Just the Scent of You - Chapter 10

Art by vinz-el-tabanas
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Chapter 10 - To Kill a Hydra
Logan’s POV
I slid the jeans up my bottom half and zipped them up, raising a hand to rub at the back of my neck as I watched Selina’s naked form zip back into her skin tight cat suit. I gritted my teeth as I watched her, sensual personified was what this woman was. I adjusted my jeans as “Fido Jr.” as she so eloquently called it started to perk up again. Christ, this woman was going to give me a heart attack. Selina ran her hands through her blonde locks, bringing life back into them as she glanced over to me. I noticed she took a moment to take in my still bare upper half before she cleared her throat to speak.
“I think we’re going about this the wrong way, Wolvie,” she said as I quirked a single eyebrow at
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Mature content
Just the Scent of You - Chapter 9 :iconsuperchica:Superchica 2 0
Just The Scent of You - Chapter 8

Inspirational Music for this Chapter
Chapter 8 - Giving Chase
Logan’s POV
Where the hell has this woman taken me? She called it ‘Gotham City’. I’d call it ‘Shit City’ and that was being courteous. Every alley we passed seemed to have this creepy fog nestled within it. When I say fog, I do mean fog; thick and the oddest colors like green and blue. We didn’t pass a single block that didn’t have a person that didn’t seem to either be strung out on drugs, mentally deranged, or just plain down on their luck. Moreover, don’t even get me started on the smell. I could only describe it in a way that resembled moldy cheese and corn chips. I have six knives that protrude from my knuckles at any given moment and this place made even me uneasy. I couldn’t believe Selina had actually grown up here, lived here; it definitely explained
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Just The Scent of You - Chapter 7

Artwork by Jace Wallace
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Chapter 7 - Story Time
Selina’s POV
I watched Logan as he almost completely choked on his beer at the mere mention of us attempting to take out HAMA. I rose a single eyebrow and sat back in my seat, waiting for him to compose himself.
“Are you out of your mind? This group is international. Not to mention they’re like a damned Hydra. You cut off one head and three more spawn in its place,” Logan said with a gruff and I had to cock my head at him and his nay saying words.
“Logan, we are nearly invincible and our claws are pretty much indestructible…who else is going to take out this group of prejudice, fearing assholes, if NOT us?” I said, pursing my lips together as I stared on at him, adjusting in my seat as he stared at me suddenly as if studying me.
“What all do you remember, Selina?
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Just the Scent of You - Chapter 6

Artist: Patrick Brown
Inspirational Music for This Chapter
Chapter 6: Everything
Logan’s POV
Jean fucking Grey. I still couldn’t believe it. After all these years she sensed the first time I’ve found trouble in Lord knows how long and comes racing to help me, even though she knows that me and the claws have it pretty well covered. I watched her read Selina’s mind, my eyes roaming across her face, her fiery hair, that body. I shook my head and let out a grunt, my hands clenching at my sides again as I began to pace. She was Jean Summers, the asshat somehow drove it all the way home to marriage. Despite Jean’s best efforts, I would never see Scott as anything but a smug douchebag that happened to meet the woman of my dreams before I did. My attention immediately turned back to the matter at hand once Jean spoke the name Colcord, I knew exactly
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Just the Scent of You - Chapter 5

Artwork by Adam Hughes
Inspirational Music for this Chapter
Selina’s POV
Three years ago…
I awoke to darkness;my eyes blinking as the night vision kicked in and I surveyed my surroundings. I appeared to be in a concrete box of a room with no light, no windows, and only a single door with a slit that was currently closed. I looked down and saw I was dressed in a pair of sweatpants, a shirt that felt like scrubs, and I was barefoot. I grimaced as my entire body ached and I hadn’t a clue why. I rubbed feverishly at my hands, which hurt the most when I suddenly realized…I couldn’t even remember my own name. Panic started to settle over me as I stood up, turning around in circles for what had to be several times, my fists colliding into the concrete wall nearest me, actually taking a few chunks out as they cascaded to the ground. I
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Just The Scent of You - Chapter 4

Artwork by jtramsey
Inspirational Music for This Chapter
Chapter 4: Animosity
Logan’s POV
I silently pulled my jacket over my shoulders as I gestured to Selina to cover the other side of the door as I made my way to my own side. Selina perched herself on the floor, both of us waiting as I had no doubt that they’d barge their way in, seeing as they were here to nab Selina and had no qualms to be covert about it. I realized how handy Selina’s night vision would really be as my sense of smell could only go so far. If given the choice, I’d much rather be able to plainly see in the dark versus only smelling them. The door burst open just as expected, my fist colliding into the man’s chest as Selina’s head collided to the side of the man’s head. A large metallic *PANG!*
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Just The Scent of You - Chapter 3

Artwork by Pixel of Doom 
Inspirational Music For This Chapter
Chapter 3 - Let's Talk it Out
Selina’s POV
Three years ago…
I peeled down the dark streets of Gotham City, my black gloved hands gripping on the handlebars of my motorcycle, cat goggles secured firmly over my face. Tonight I was finally going to get my hands on the emerald that I had been eyeing for over a year now, and my newly acquired ‘skills’ were going to help me do just that. It had taken a little while for me to come to grips and accept the fact that whatever happened in the alleyway after I plummeted to the concrete had officially made me a freak. I decided to own it. I mean why the hell not? I called myself Catwoman for more than one reason; why not throw a few actual cat like qualities into th
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Just The Scent of You - Chapter 2

Artwork by mijka
Inspirational Music for this Chapter
Logan’s POV
I rubbed the bridge of my nose as I slowly sat up in the dank, stale, and seedy motel room I was currently occupying. I let out a gruff grunt as I reached for the beer bottle on the nightstand, swigging back the little remaining spit contents at the bottom. I heard a light, female moan behind me as I glanced over my shoulder to peer at the red head that had just stirred from her sex-induced coma she had fallen into. She rolled onto her stomach, her naked ass peeking out from underneath the sheets as she traced a finger up my back. I turned my head to face forward again with an idle roll of my eyes. Why did they all want to hang around afterward? I was sure I tried my hardest to not come across as even a sliver of a nice guy. Then
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Just The Scent of You - Chapter 1

Artwork edited by krispybee12
Summary: Selina Kyle, Gotham City's resident cat burglar has run into a stroke of bad luck and has been given a second chance by mysterious forces. Logan, "The Wolverine", wanders the countryside in a day and age where the X-Men have been disbanded and mutants are hunted down. When these two meet, will they help each other to survive or be at each other's throats?
Chapter 1 - A Bad Day
A Wolverine/Catwoman Playlist to Listen to As You Read
Selina’s POV
My hand shook as I raised the tumbler filled with copper colored liquid to my lips. I took a light sip and placed the glass back down on the bar top, rubbing at my fingers in an attempt to stop the tremors coursing through them. How many drinks was that now? Six, seven? It honestly hadn’t mattered; it wasn’t like alcohol even had any kind of effect on me anymore. I
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You Complete Us - Chapter 11

Artwork by uygheo
Chapter 11 - The Part Where We Give You Closure
Deadpool’s POV
I sliced a man’s head off with my katanas before I slightly jumped, noticing that I was being watched by YOU, you pesky readers, so I turned to speak to you all.
“Oh, hey there, readers! Deadpool here. I see you couldn’t get enough of my bodacious love story and you’re back for more. That’s the whole point of an epilogue, right? Skip over YEARS of someone’s life and catapult to the real fucking good stuff? Oh, where’s Harley you ask? Oh we broke up like two years ago. She was really crimping on my bachelor lifestyle,” I said with a slow nod as I shot a guy running up behind me in the face piece.
“I’m totally kidding! Of course we’re still together! What am I, crazy?”
“Not THAT crazy to give u
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Mature content
You Complete Us - Chapter 10 :iconsuperchica:Superchica 1 0
You Complete Us - Chapter 9

Artwork by jadeystar1
Summary: It has been three years since Harley Quinn broke it off with The Joker for good and has been exploring the other side of the fence with Poison Ivy in Brooklyn, but will a run-in with the Merc with a Mouth throw her world for a loop or will it be love at first arse grab?
Chapter 9 - I'm Not In Love
Deadpool’s POV
{We better wake up, this dickwad is mackin’ on our girl!}
I slowly sat up with a groan, holding onto my masked head. As my vision slowly cleared and my hearing returned, I viewed Harley and the pale as shit, creep-o clown with bright ass green hair talking, well no…yelling, at one another.
“Ya don’t OWN me! Whenayah gonna get that through yer thick skull?! It…is…OVER,” she bellowed as she planted her hands firmly on her hips.
I slowly stood to my feet, the distress my ditzy damsel was currently spewin
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You Complete Us - Chapter 8

Artwork by Vinz El Tabanas
Summary: It has been three years since Harley Quinn broke it off with The Joker for good and has been exploring the other side of the fence with Poison Ivy in Brooklyn, but will a run-in with the Merc with a Mouth throw her world for a loop or will it be love at first arse grab?
Chapter 8 - Rock You Like a Hurricane
Deadpool’s POV
Listen to Rock You Like a Hurricane for the beginning of this chapter - you won't regret it!
Harley and I purposely sprinted down the street a-ways from where I ran across the building where I knew the goons I was looking for held their meetings. We did this because, well…a slow-mo walk up entrance needs space! The two of us began to walk down the street, looking cool as fucking shit, the song,
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You Complete Us - Chapter 7
Summary: It has been three years since Harley Quinn broke it off with The Joker for good and has been exploring the other side of the fence with Poison Ivy in Brooklyn, but will a run-in with the Merc with a Mouth throw her world for a loop or will it be love at first arse grab?
Chapter 7 - Love is a Battlefield

Artwork by amonir1981
Deadpool POV
Okay readers, listen up! The author is AFK (Away From Keyboard for those non-gamers) and I’m taking over! Right now I am your Dungeon Master! Think of it like those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books they used to have, except I choose everything for you, yeah? Let’s fucking doing this!
Your POV…with Deadpool Influence
You are sitting at your computer surfing away on the internet. Click. Click. Click. Click. Once you finish viewing the animal porn site that you “accidentally” came
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You Complete Us - Chapter 6
Summary: It has been three years since Harley Quinn broke it off with The Joker for good and has been exploring the other side of the fence with Poison Ivy in Brooklyn, but will a run-in with the Merc with a Mouth throw her world for a loop or will it be love at first arse grab?
Chapter 6 - How 'Bout Us?

Artwork by Witt-A
Deadpool’s POV
%It’s cool, it’s cool…everything will be just fiiiine.%
Harley strutted in front of me, mallet in one hand resting on her shoulder, her stuffed beaver clutched into the other hand. I walked in a crouch, my head darting left and right constantly, as if a clown would drop from the sky right in front of me just to fuck with me. I was so consumed with looking around for my nemesis that I hadn’t seen Harley walk in a different direction and I stopped dead in my tracks.
“Oh my g-Harley?!” I bellowed as I turned around
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Catwoman Vs Wolvie by Superchica

Art by vinz-el-tabanas

Inspirational Music for this Chapter

Chapter 10 - To Kill a Hydra

Logan’s POV

I slid the jeans up my bottom half and zipped them up, raising a hand to rub at the back of my neck as I watched Selina’s naked form zip back into her skin tight cat suit. I gritted my teeth as I watched her, sensual personified was what this woman was. I adjusted my jeans as “Fido Jr.” as she so eloquently called it started to perk up again. Christ, this woman was going to give me a heart attack. Selina ran her hands through her blonde locks, bringing life back into them as she glanced over to me. I noticed she took a moment to take in my still bare upper half before she cleared her throat to speak.

“I think we’re going about this the wrong way, Wolvie,” she said as I quirked a single eyebrow at her, lifting up my stained and completely torn tank top.

“Doing what in wrong way?” I asked as I tossed the shirt back on the ground amidst the slaughter of dead bodies.

“Stopping HAMA, I mean even you compared them to a hydra and how do you stop a hydra?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips and raising both her eyebrows skyward. I contemplated this for a minute, not exactly boned up on my Greek mythology as I rubbed at the stubble on my chin.

“I don’t know, kill the main head?” I said, completely guessing as she snapped her fingers and pointed at me.

“Exactly! Kill the immortal head, the one that keeps causing the other heads to grow back. So who is the immortal head of HAMA?” Selina asked, guiding me mentally through her thought process rather than just coming out with it. Women sometimes, I swear.

“Malcolm,” I stated simply and started to shake my head, finding a surface to sit on as I retied the laces up on my boots.

“Malcolm,” she repeated as she moved to squat down on the floor in front me, her hands draping across her knees as she stared up at me.

“We need to kill Malcom and I guarantee HAMA will crumble. It may not be completely disbanded at first, but over time without their puppeteer pulling the strings, the puppets will crumble,” Selina said as she smiled wickedly at me. I smirked as I raised a hand to touch her under the chin before rising to my feet again.

“You are just full of analogies tonight,” I said as she stood up, placing her hands on her hips.

“What, you don’t agree with me?” she asked, a bit incredulously as I rose an eyebrow at her.

“Oh I agree with you completely, Kitten, but the fact of the matter is, is that he is Malcolm Colcord. He will have a higher level of security then the fucking President. Trust me; I briefly held that role against my will,” I said to her as she folded her arms across her chest, proceeded to stomp the floor once like a toddler, and threw her arms out to the sides in reference.

“Do you see the carnage surrounding us? We did this. Well, you did most of it…but between the two of us, we’re pretty close to unstoppable,” she said as I couldn’t help but smirk and idly mumble to myself.

“Unless you can control metal,” I said and she leaned forward as if she couldn’t hear what I just said.

“Control met-where the hell did that come from?” she asked and I cleared my throat with a sigh rubbing my hands idly together.

“I’ve dealt with mutants that can control metal. Considering that our skeletons are completely laced with adamantium, you can imagine how that could turn into a very bad day for us, very quickly. Considering the good time that Malcolm and I had the last time I saw him, I’d imagine that he searched for and employed a mutant that could do something similar at this point as a security measure,” I said and she stared at me as if I myself was a hydra with three heads.

“There’s a singular mutant that you have come across…that can control metal…and you think that Malcolm randomly found another mutant…that can do the same thing? Do I have that all correct?” she finished and I narrowed my eyes at her.

“That is correct ,” I hissed as she took a few steps towards me, her hand ran up my forearm, over my shoulder and found it’s way behind my neck. She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me, almost…tenderly, in fact. I blinked a few times in surprise before I placed my hands at her back and kissed her in return. Once she broke away from the kiss she stared up at me a moment.

“What the hell was that all about?” I asked, knowing she couldn’t deny my suspicion considering the animalistic sack session we had just had, the tender kissing was a bit out of character.

“I find it incredibly sweet that you are actually admitting you’re scared of something,” she said, which caught me off guard for a second before I took a step back holding my hands up in defense.

“One: I never said that I was scared, Two: Do not take this lightly, and Three: You should be more concerned about this,” I said, seriousness etched across my features as she sighed.

“Do you really want to be on the run for the rest of your life?” Selina asked as she placed her hands on each of my shoulders.

“You get used to it,” I said with a huff.

“Well I for one don’t want to get used to it. I am asking you. Please help me stop them. If there is a mutant that by chance happens to be able to control metal there, we will deal with it, we’ll figure it out. You and I seem to be pretty synced despite only knowing each other for a few weeks. Which is incredibly creepy but entirely romantic all at the same time, now that I think about it,” Selina said scrunching her nose before offering up a smile.

I sighed as I slipped my hand to the back of Selina’s neck, idly rubbing it as I stared down at her. I moved my eyes across hers and the expression on her face. She came across genuine, pleading, and a bit vulnerable, which made her all the more attractive to me in that moment. I knew we’d be walking into a shit storm going after Colcord but I couldn’t deny that what she said was right. I did get tired of constantly running and had finally found a peaceful moment in my life before Selina waltzed into it. I nodded slowly to her.

“Alright,” I finally agreed as I saw her face light up, almost as if she was surprised by my answer.

“Yeah?” she asked, more than likely for reassurance that I wasn’t joshing her around. I nodded more fervently.

“Yeah, let’s fucking kill Colcord. He’s had it coming for a long time, and I’m pissed I didn’t complete the job the first time,” I said as I squared off my jaw. Selina smiled widely, then suddenly leapt into my arms, kissing me deeply, and then broke away.

“Do you remember where this…Neverland, is?” I asked as she smirked, placing a hand on her hip.

“I got a mind like a steel trap,” she said, which I took as half of a joke and half-truth since her Egyptian overtaking, which I still thought was just weird as hell, but I had seen weirder things in my existence, I supposed. I looked down to my bare chest and then back at her with a quirk of an eyebrow.

“I’ll probably need to grab another shirt,” I said as I heard a whine start to emanate from her throat.

“Why? I certainly won’t complain, in fact it could be a great distraction for our enemies,” she said with a sly grin as I couldn’t help but make two fists and cause my muscles to bulge and harden towards her. I watched her lips part for a moment before I released with a light chuckle.

“I’m flattered but really, it’s kind of nippy outside. I’m cuttin’ diamonds here,” I said motioning towards my nipples before offering a wink and a smile to her. She rolled her eyes in return.

“Fine. Lumberjack shirt and then we kill Malcolm,” she said and I nodded in an affirmative response, deciding to overlook the lumberjack quip.


Moments later…

“How many do you see?” I asked Selina as we were currently perched at the top of an adjacent hill across from the Neverland compound. Selina’s night vision was working overtime as she scanned the area with her eyes pursing her lips together before she turned her head to look at me.

“Lots. I count twenty-two and that’s on the outside. Too bad Miss Egyptian didn’t decide to throw x-ray vision into the mix for me too,” she said with a smirk and I began to rub at the stubble on my chin. I had a feeling we were going to have to do this the way I that hated most…with stealth. I grimaced at the thought and let out a light sigh.

“We’re going to have to find a way in without alerting these guards, if one of them trips an alarm we’re fucked. They’ll escort Malcolm out of here in a heartbeat,” I said and Selina narrowed her eyes as she continued to survey the area before smiling at me.

“Already on it,” she said as she started to squat walk her way over the side of the hill. I growled lightly under my breath.

“Selina where are you- Selina!” I said in a loudened whisper as I scurried across the dirt in a ducked position after her. The woman didn’t believe in communication and more than obviously thrived on living by the seam of her cat pants. We silently made our way around the outskirts of the compound before Selina reached a hand behind her to motion for me to stop. She pointed to her eyes and then pointed up to a cracked open window a few floors up from the ground floor. Clever girl. I gave her a grin and a nod in agreement, as she moved closer to the building to find a way to scale up the brick and mortar.

I stood at ground level as Selina started to find foot and handle holds up the side of the building like she were full on rock climbing. My head constantly whipped from left to right in search of any unwanted visitors and my nose was working overtime to attempt to scent someone before I could even see them approaching. I glanced up to Selina again just as she was shimmying her way into the opened window; I shook my head in continued disbelief to how she was able to climb on practically nothing so quickly and efficiently.

I began to pace back and forth slightly waiting for Selina to find her way to the next floor below as there was no way in hell my heavy ass was scaling its way up four floors of a building. My nerves started to get the better of me as time dwindled and the 3 rd floor story window was still not open. I started wondering if she were caught or much worse as each minute ticked on by. My chest started to heave just as I saw the window slowly start to open as Selina’s form leaned out of it with a wink at me. I smirked before I stepped onto the ground floor windowpane and hoisted myself up to the third, paying close attention to being silent as I landed inside. Selina pressed her lips against my ear once I stood up to whisper to me.

“Malcolm is on the fourth floor. There are at least three men on this floor, three on the third, and I have no clue what we’ll be dealing with on the fourth, but I’d imagine at least double that,” she said and my eyebrows shot to the ceiling in surprise that she already knew where Malcolm was. I in turn pressed my own lips to her ear, all the while idly nuzzling the crook of her neck with my nose like a canine.

“How did you already figure out where Malcom was?” I asked as she leaned back to look up at me with a devilish grin.

“Oh, Wolvie…I’m just that good,” she whispered to me as my own lips curled into a wicked smile. We then started to make our way around the current floor where we resided. It was unspoken, but obvious that we would take out the men on the current and above floors silently as to not alert the floor with Malcolm and it would have to be done as quickly as possible. I let Selina lead the way with her night vision as I maintained back up with my nose in case a goon was creeping around a corner. Silently we walked, as Selina would use a claw to slice a neck here and there and I would crack necks. We worked like a well-choreographed waltz together as we moved onto the next floor and followed the same course of actions. As we readied ourselves to approach Malcolm’s floor we were immediately greeted by the sound of a slow clap. My entire body went rigid as Selina and I slowly turned to gaze at the owner of the clap. Malcolm fucking Colcord.

“Well, well aren’t you two the compatible duo and what fortuitous luck having TWO of my children under one roof. Two of my most successful projects!” Malcom said as his seedy eyes peered on at us from behind his glasses. The grin that spread across his face made the mangled scar there wrinkle in protest. I clenched my fists and immediately released the claws as every vein in my entire body started to bulge with rage upon sight of him.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Weapon X,” Malcom said simply as I hadn’t given three flying shits at this point as the berserker rage took over and I let out a growl.

“Oh, I really think I do, you piece of shit,” was all I said before my body started catapulting forward in a sprint. I felt the slightest graze on my arm from Selina’s failed grasp.

“Logan, don’t!” she bellowed but I was already too far-gone, before five very long knives suddenly impaled my body. I grunted as I stopped and gazed down at my torso. I looked up to see the owner of the knives and to my astonishment; it was an Asian woman with an equally as horribly scarred face. I recognized her immediately as I narrowed my eyes and slowly started to move backwards to relieve myself of the knives. I smelled Selina as her form appeared behind my own.

“Deathstrike. Didn’t get enough punishment the first time?” I asked, as I watched Deathstrike’s lips slowly curve into a smile as she brought her blood stained claws to her lips to lick its contents away. I glanced over my shoulder a moment to Selina who was currently scrunching her face in disgust.

“Imagine my surprise to find out that Lady Deathstrike’s father was the pioneer to the adamantium bonding process and that she too wanted to find you as badly as I did!” Malcolm exclaimed as the five puncture wounds in my chest started to heal.

“You think she is going to stop both of us, Malcolm? You’re fucking delusional,” Selina said as Malcolm could only smile wickedly in response. Deathstrike took a few steps towards Selina as I instinctively shoved a shoulder in the way with a growl. Deathstrike looked over at me with another stupid ass grin.

“Oh, what do we have here? Does the wolf have a little soft spot for the cat?” Deathstrike asked as I continued to growl and stare in her direction when she suddenly stabbed her knives towards Selina, but Selina was ready with a counter attack as she unleashed her claws and deflected them. Her hand clenched around Deathstrike’s throat as she slammed her up against a nearby wall with a growl.

“Ladies, ladies please! Lady Deathstrike, we had an agreement.” Malcolm stated as Deathstrike looked at Selina with a grimace. Selina kept staring on at Deathstrike.

“Agreement is with her, not with me,” Selina retorted as Malcolm sighed, my mind racing with the current situation.

“I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this,” Malcolm said as I watched him remove a device from his jacket pocket and press a button. Selina suddenly let go of Deathstrike as her hands went to her head with a shriek of pain, falling to her knees. My eyes widened as I watched Selina collapse to the ground and the rage began to consume again. I started running towards Malcolm, my claws up and ready to strike as Malcolm calmly held up a single hand.

“If I press this red button, that pretty head of hers is going to explode. Care to test her healing factor?” Malcolm stated and I stopped dead in my tracks, narrowing my eyes at the device in his hand. He could have been bluffing, but I wasn’t willing to chance it. I sheathed the claws back into my fists with a grunt before I pointed over to Selina, not taking my eyes off Malcolm.

 Stop that,” I sneered, as Malcolm gave me that same wicked smile and flipped a switch on the remote. Selina breathed out in relief as her hands collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Malcolm looked unmoved as he motioned for Deathstrike to follow him.

“Now, you two will comply and your stay here will be a lot more accommodating when you do so. Follow me,” Malcolm stated as I walked over to Selina to help her to her feet. She let out a groan as I hoisted her arm across my shoulders and shuffled her into the cell that Malcolm guided us. Once Malcolm closed and locked the door behind us, I turned to grasp Selina’s face between both of my palms.

“Selina, baby, are you okay?” I had said, a bit frantically to my astonishment. Selina’s eyes slowly rose to look into my own.

“He obviously put some kind of chip in me when he did the procedure. Can you sniff it out?” she asked me, as I let go of her face to rub the back of my neck. I cleared my throat and nodded once in affirmation. I motioned for her to sit down so I could start at her feet and work my way up. My nose pressed into her ankle and slowly moved its way up her legs. When I got to her stomach I heard a light giggle escape from Selina’s mouth and I paused a moment to look up at her. She placed a hand over her mouth and looked like she had just been caught doing something wrong.

“Selina, this is serious,” I said to her as she bit at her lip, obviously still holding back a laugh.

“I know it is, but do you have any idea how ridiculous it feels to have a person sniffing you from head to toe?” she asked, between small bouts of laughter. I continued to stare at her unflinchingly, which gave her the hint that at the current moment I was not fucking around. She cleared her throat and motioned for me to continue, looking a bit sheepish. I continued to work my way up her body until I stopped at the base of her skull as I came across an odd scent. I sniffed a few more times and let out a huff.

“What? Did you find it?” she asked and I slowly nodded as I poked my finger at the base of her skull. I watched, as Selina’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.

“Cut it out,” Selina said deadpan, staring at me. I shook my head from left to right with a furrow of my brow.

“Selina, no…even with you healing that would hurt like hell. Worse than hell,” I said and she continued to stare on at me not blinking.

“If you don’t do it, I’ll do it myself. I’m pretty sure my head exploding would be far worse than a few minutes of excruciating pain,” she said as she released one of her claws and raised it to the back of her head. I instantly reached out and grabbed her wrist, looking down at her with a grimace. I unsheathed one of my claws and moved behind her.  What ensued was one of the craziest, fucked up, albeit necessary tasks I have ever done with a woman I cared for. After the blood and the stifled screams of pain, the chip was officially removed. Selina sat on the ground, chest heaving as she attempted to regain her composure. My nose suddenly picked up the scent of Malcolm coming down the hall towards our cell as I looked down to her. She looked up at me with a look that could have killed anyone right there on the spot.

“You rake his ass through the God damned coals, Logan,” she said and I nodded once, unsheathing my claws and standing out of sight from the door, waiting for him to enter. I watched as the door slowly began to open, Malcolm seeing Selina bloodied and struggling on the ground first, which was distraction enough for me appear from around the corner and immediately slam all six of my claws into Malcolm’s chest. I began to catapult him down the hallway in a fit of rage until I hit the end and his body slammed into the wall. I left out a monstrous growl as I stared at him, his life dwindling away from the puncture wounds given by the very claws this sickening project left me. He slowly sputtered blood as he smiled at me, reaching a hand up to touch one of my claws.

“Your…weakness,” were Malcolm’s last words before he collapsed dead, pinned against the wall. My face contorted into confusion, wondering what the hell he had been talking about. I sheathed my claws, watching his body slump to the floor. I went to turn around and head back to Selina so we could get the hell out of there as I realized I could not move a muscle. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t even turn my head. Shit. I then felt my body levitating slightly in the air as I was turned around to face my apparent metal controlling mutant nightmare. To my astonishment, it was a woman with short black hair wearing armor. What the fuck?

“Who are you?” I managed to stammer out as she smiled at me, moving my body closer to hers.

“My name is Kahina Eskandari. Well…Iron Butterfly if you’re from that kind of circle. Malcolm here told me there were near indestructible threats to our nation whose bodies were completely laced with…metal. So imagine my astonishment to hear that I could single handedly, take you both down given my little set of powers. Where’s the woman?” she said as I continued to try to move with no avail.

“Right here,” I heard Selina say behind Kahina’s back and my eyes widened.

“Selina, get the hell out of here!” I bellowed.

“Oh good. You can watch me rip the life from him before your turn,” Kahina said as her fist began to clench and I could feel the metal laced to my bones begin to pull itself off and towards my skin. I left out a monstrous growl of pain as Selina suddenly ran toward Kahina.

“NO!” she bellowed and I watched as Kahina raised her other hand in an attempt to control Selina as well. Her powers however, did nothing to stop Selina. I watched as Selina even winced in anticipation and only paused a moment in surprise before continuing her original path towards Kahina. Kahina had stopped her torturous attempts towards me but still kept me controlled as she bellowed towards Selina in frustration.

“That’s not possible! What are you?!” she questioned as Selina stopped in front of her with a sly grin.

“Mythical,” was all Selina said before I watched her fist collide into Kahina’s chest and my body immediately plummeted to the ground.

“Anubis sends his regards,” Selina said before she yanked Kahina’s heart straight from her chest, as Kahina’s body fell in a slump. My eyes widened at what Selina had just done, having not even seemed herself in that moment. Selina’s face slowly contorted from satisfaction to shock as she dropped the heart from her hand and collapsed to her knees. I immediately ran over to scoop her into my arms, kissing the top of her head.

“You wouldn’t happen to own a cabin would you?” she asked to my astonishment, for a moment when I thought she was going to cry or scream, or do a little of both. Just as quickly, she reverted to the Selina that I was falling for and falling for quickly. I smirked as I peered down at her.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” I said and she smiled up at me complacently.

“Good, because I could really use a vacation,” she said as I dipped my head to her.

“You’ve earned it, Kitten,” I said before I touched my lips to hers.


--Stay tuned for the epilogue!--

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Catwoman Vs Wolvie by Superchica

Artwork by vinz-el-tabanas

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Chapter 9 -  Catching a Croc

Selina’s POV

I knew what I was doing when I led Logan through the fire escapes and roofs of Gotham City’s finest buildings. If I said that I was actually moving slower in my older age as I climbed my way through the city, I’d be completely lying. I was in fact moving slower so that Logan could actually give chase, all the while throwing out taunting verbal cues the entire time. Logan can slice and dice and pounce like there’s no tomorrow, but climbing…well he sucks at it. I perched myself at the corner of the building that I had in my sights since leaving my apartment and curled my legs around the gargoyle statue that resided there. I put my hands on my hips as I peered down at Logan growling and cursing under his breath as he made his way to the ledge beneath me a few moments later.

“Ah, there you are…I was starting to think I scared you off,” I said to him with a sly grin, to which he turned a glare up in my direction.

“Normally when women ask you to give chase, it’s a little sprint down the street in jest. I didn’t think you were actually going to make me chase you. Jesus, how do you climb so fast?” Logan asked while seemingly catching his breath as he leaned against the railing.

“Comes with the territory, Buttercup,” I answered as I lifted the goggles up onto my head so I could use my night vision and peer into the windows of the building across the street.

“So the building with the goods is right across the way there. Looks like its empty, save for a few alarm systems. Lasers, it looks like. Nothing I can’t handle,” I said as I slipped the goggles back over my face and began to readjust the whip around my waist.

“Alright, just give me a minute to catch my breath, would ya?” Logan asked as he let out a huff. I raised an eyebrow to him before looking left and then right with confusion.

“Oh, don’t take offense, but I’m taking this one solo,” I said rather matter of factly as I had assumed this was pretty obvious given the nature of the event.

“Whatta mean you’re taking this on solo? Selina, the whole reason I even bothered to actually chase you the whole way here is so I could be your goddamned back up,” Logan said with a slight growl to his tone. He stood straight up now, having seemed to found his breath after all as he put one hand on his hip and allowed the other to flail around to further enunciate his point.

“Logan, seriously…I got this. You’re all brawn…you’d be like a bull in a china shop in there. Last thing we need is you tripping a wire or bumping into something with your bulging arm muscles, or squared…firm…shoulders and…,” I started to say as my eyes began to roam over Logan’s clothed form. Even in clothes, the man was an absolute vision in everything that was deemed masculinity in every sense of the word. I bit at my lower lip before clearing my throat and shaking my head back and forth.

“Bottom line, this is my thing. I got this, pretty please with extra gravy on top,” I said as I interlaced my fingers in prayer in front of me for extra pleading emphasis. I watched as Logan went back and forth in his mind, a hand dragging down his face and rubbing at the stubble of his chin in frustration.

“Fine, but I am watching your every move from outside,” he answered as I let a grin spread widely across my face. I leaned down so that I could reach his face with my gloved hand and let one of the claws pop out. I drug the tip of the claw just lightly enough to make a scratching sound but not actually break the skin. I felt Logan’s jaw square off beneath my touch as I let the tip of the claw flick off the tip of his chin.

“I’ll be sure to remember you’re staring at me the entire time I’m in there,” I said as I gave him an idle wink that I realize he probably couldn’t even see due to my goggles. Logan licked a bit at his lower lip before slowly shaking his head.

“You, Selina Kyle…are walking trouble in a skintight suit,” he said to me as I couldn’t help but give out a little laugh.

“That should be my new byline. I like that. Off to work I go, be sure to have dinner ready when I get home, Sweetheart, I’m working over time,” I said to him with another smirk before I immediately stood up atop the gargoyle and climbed atop the rooftop. I took a running start and pushed off the buildings edge so that I could latch my whip onto the adjacent buildings scaffolding. I glanced over my shoulder to see Logan on the other building having looked stressed at my leap of faith, as he shook his head at me and I only smiled in return. Using my increasingly popular window cutting claws, I cut a chunk out of the pane of glass to allow me entrance. Once inside, a barrage of red laser beams immediately greeted me. I actually got a bit excited, seeing as it had seemed ages since I had to do aerobatic maneuvers through a laser beam field. I rubbed my hands together in anticipation and made certain that my whip was secure about my form. I then began my snake like crawl, dips, and slides through the sea of red alarms, making extra sure to tilt my ass towards the window that I knew Logan was peering in on, watching me.

After I completed the thieving version of an open floor routine in the summer Olympics, I approached the prize that would surely pay rent for the next six years if the appropriate buyer was found. It was a rather large sapphire encrusted with smaller diamonds that used to belong to some duchess or another way back when. I hadn’t cared as much about the history as I cared about the clarity and worth of the jewel itself. I quickly surveyed the jewel’s surroundings, checking for any kind of pressure switch or other alarms connected. I was just about to perform an Indiana Jones technique on the pressure plate that the jewel was setting atop when I heard a shuffling sound and then a massive form moved from within the shadows…right into one of the beams.

“You’ve gotta be-,” I started to say as the walls then echoed with the ever annoying, shrill sound of the alarm going off throughout the entire establishment. I narrowed my eyes as I lifted the goggles above my head for a moment to see the figure through the darkness.

“Croc? What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, having recognized that scaly monstrosity any day. Since when had he taken up cat burglary and how had he managed to eye the same jewel I had? I had begun to think before the sudden realization slowly started to come to mind. My form flew past a stunned and very angry Croc towards the window, not paying any mind to running through the beams since the alarm had already been set off. I poked my head out the window, spotting Logan who was currently pacing back and forth on the building across the way, as if contemplating how he was going to jump across.

“Oh, Logan! We’re about to get-,” I started to shout before a man came flying through the window above my head, a loud growl escaping from the mutated creature behind me.

“-company,” I said to finish my statement as I watched Logan’s eyes grow wide and without another moment to think it through, he took a few steps back and catapulted himself between buildings, making a not so graceful landing on the scaffolding outside the window. His weight almost made the scaffolding crash to the ground before he unsheathed his claws and used them as leverage to pull himself in through the window.

“What are you doing here Selina?!” Croc roared as I could hear dozens of footsteps starting to clamor up the stairs, barreling towards us.

“I could ask you the same thing! Since when do you bother with theft before decapitations?” I asked as Croc rolled his neck in preparation for the ever-looming sounds of men for him to pummel.

“A job is a job, Cat,” he said and I shook my head rapidly back and forth as I felt Logan’s body moving closer to my own as if protecting me.

“Listen, Croc, that’s the Humans Against Mutant Authority out there and they are NO joke. They’re after all of us and if they catch any of us, we’re going to become earthworms on a dissection table. Get my drift?” I asked and Logan stepped forward in front of both of us, throwing his fists out to the sides as it seemed every single one of his veins was saluting his efforts and bulging themselves to the surface.

“Then we better make sure that doesn’t happen,” Logan said and Croc left out a hearty chuckle, throwing his head back and everything.

“I like this guy,” Croc said after the chuckles had settled. We all stood at the ready as the footsteps slowed outside the door. I rested my hands on either side of my hips and decided that my claws should also be unsheathed because there was no point in pretending they weren’t there at this point. Croc raised a single eyebrow…or where there would have been an eyebrow on his scaly head.

“Those new?” he asked and I glanced over my shoulder to him with a smirk.

“Long story,” was all I said before the door burst open and dozens of HAMA agents began pouring in to attempt and capture us all; undoubtedly, we were three of the most lethal subjects they’d ever attempt to ensnare. Those poor, poor souls. Logan immediately ran forward as the first man raised a gun and pointed it towards us.

“If you all come quietly and without a fight, it’ll make this all a lot easier on all of us!” the man bellowed as Logan answered his plea with his claws colliding through the man’s gun holding hand, lopping it off at the wrist. The hand still gripping the gun fell to the floor and the man’s eyes widened in horror before he screamed.

“You Goddamned animal!” the man bellowed as Logan rose both sets of claws and sliced them through the air near the man’s neck, decapitating him in an instant. He stood still a moment, blood dripping from his claws as a few of the other men filed in from outside.

“You want some too, Bub?” Logan asked as the lead man raised his hand and made scrambling gesture above his head.

“Get these assholes!” the man yelled as Croc let out another hearty laugh and the rest of the men filed in; I took a few steps forward, preparing myself for the first attack. The next ensuing moments that occurred were a clashing of humans versus gifted beings; claws slashed, jaws snapped, and growls emanated all around. I myself was using my claws as a backup plan while mostly using my fists, knees, and whip to slow the men down. Logan seemed to be even more willing to send the men to an early grave if they didn’t take a hint and high tailed it out of the building, away from the dangers of three beings with animal instincts and sharp claws. I paused a moment amidst the chaos to watch Logan. As fists and blood flew around me, the room seemed to fall into slow motion as I watched Logan in all his glory. What transfixed me was clearly one of two things; the sheer masculine, carnal nature that he exuded as he fought and slashed his way through his enemies, or the fact that he decided to rid himself of his white tank top once one of the men caused a rip in it.

I watched as Logan lunged forward, slammed his claws into one man’s chest with a primal growl, and then shoved his boot into the man’s chest to remove said claws. I watched as he ran past several men, as they shot at him, not caring if the bullets landed in their destination or not as he slashed left to right and de-armed the entirety of gun wielding men. It was when a man landed a punch across my face that I was brought back to reality, in a very large way; rage consumed me as my eyebrows furrowed behind my goggles and I immediately slashed my feline claws across the man’s face. It was in the midst of this endless bout of enemies that I managed to spy Croc making his way to a nearby window. He held the sapphire up for me to view with a devilish grin before he escaped out the window.

“Shit!” I bellowed, realizing that Croc was using us as a distraction, not only to escape the HAMA agents, but to also get away freely and easily with the jewel that I had had my eyes on for months prior to the incident. I started to take out my frustration on the men more so then ever now as Logan continued to do the same until the floor was littered in dead, bloodied bodies. Either the rest of the men had fled, or we truly killed every fucking one of them. Logan and I both turned our bodies to and fro, our chests heaving, our claws still bared, waiting for another wave of enemies to appear, but they didn’t. We slowly turned to look at one another; our eyes stared intensely as we waited for our bodies to catch their breath. I hadn’t been sure at the time what came over me, but I suddenly ran forward as Logan followed suit and our bodies collided into a furious bout of kissing and groping, despite the fact that both sets of our claws refused to hide themselves yet.

Logan bent my body backwards from the sheer ferocity and aggression of his kiss, his hand gripping the back of my head as the other hand engulfed one of my hips, his claws mere centimeters from cutting into my flesh. We stopped for a moment staring at one another, as if taking one last chance to back down from what we were about to do, as if there was no coming back from it and everything was about to change. I peeled the hood from my head to make my blonde locks sprout out as Logan leaned into me and unabashedly took one long inhale of my neck, an animalistic growl escaping his throat as he gripped onto both of my hips and pulled me into him further.

“Christ, just the scent of you is driving me fucking insane, I don’t think I can control myself if you kiss me like that again,” Logan said to me and one of my hands rose to the zipper at the front of my suit as I slowly began to pull it down towards my navel, exposing part of my breasts.

“Then don’t,” I said quite simply as we stared at each other for one last moment before our animalistic urges took over and sexual chaos ensued. Our mouths worked at one another like we were trying to devour the other as Logan raised his hands to rid my top half of the suit, my breasts now fully exposed to the cool air within the building as his warm, bare chest pressed into my own. He walked me backwards until I felt my back collide with a nearby wall and I let out a grunt. He then stopped kissing me and dropped his mouth to my shoulder, giving it a bite that bordered on pain but didn’t actually break the skin. One of my hands gripped at his back, my claws lightly digging in to the point that I did draw blood, which made Logan growl and scoop his hands under my ass. Next thing I knew, I was lifted into the air and dropped, not placed, onto a nearby table, as he took no time in gripping onto my cat suit and removing the rest of it from my body, boots and all.

I lifted up onto my elbows once I was completely naked and displayed in front of him with a seductive grin. My body leapt from the table, my bare feet navigating around the dead bodies as I reached a hand up to grip at the back of his hair to lift myself up to his mouth again, taking his bottom lip between my teeth, causing a bit of blood to escape from it.

“Not sure how you feel about foreplay, but I may just have to force myself on you if you try to drag this out right now,” I said into his ear, the tip of my tongue grazing his ear lobe, my claws lightly dragging down the scruff on his jaw. My hands were busy undoing the buckle of his jeans as Logan gave me a growl in response. My body was suddenly turned over as I felt the wooden table pressed against my breasts and peered over my shoulder to see Logan relieving himself of the rest of his jeans and boots. I felt his form lean over me as his teeth grazed my shoulder again, this time causing a bit of blood to escape as I let out a light hiss in response, biting the air in front of his face. He smiled wickedly at me before he wasted absolutely no time and plunged his way inside me from behind. I let out a gasp as my head flew backwards slightly, my hands gripping onto the edges of the table as he began to thrust.

I felt large, rough hands gripping onto each of my hips for leverage, his claws lightly grazing my sides as the occasional grunt escaped from deep within his chest. I arched my back to present myself even further for him as his one hand moved to grip on my hair lightly, freezing my head so that I was looking at the ceiling for a moment before he leaned forward, planting his fists on either side of my shoulders on the table, his hips continuing to gyrate behind me. My claws began to dig grooves into the table as I continued to grip as hard as my hand strength would allow, continued moans escaping my throat. I bit down on my lower lip as the all familiar sensation started to build in my lower regions, my eyes squeezing shut as the climax overtook me. Every muscle in my body clenched and I couldn’t help but let out a cry in appreciation. I felt Logan’s movements begin to intensify before he too reached his release, a deep guttural growl that almost sounded like a yell, escaping his lungs.

I crawled my way up onto the table and let myself fall onto my back, my hands resting above my head as Logan followed suit. Once he too was lying on his back on the table, I turned onto my side so that my chin was resting on his chest. He furrowed his eyebrows, finally sheathing his claws, almost seeming embarrassed.

“I’m sorry…Christ, did I hurt you?” Logan asked, a bit alarmed and I shook my head back and forth.

“Nope. So long as you continue to impale me with Fido Jr. and not your claws, I think we’ll be ok. Not that that would make much of a difference either, but I may take offense to the intent,” I said with a wicked smile as he raised a hand to move a piece of hair from my eyes.

“Take note...after this HAMA situation is dealt with, I am personally hunting down Croc and gouging his eyeballs out with my claws until he hands over that jewel he took. Fucking bastard,” I said with a scowl. Logan reached his arm down and off the edge of the table, rummaging through his clothes before he raised a large red jewel in his hand and held it out to me.

“Would this constitute as a consolation prize, or are you still set on blinding a mutant crocodile?” he asked and at that moment I hadn’t even cared how he came across it, but more so that he took it for me and didn’t give a rats ass that it wasn’t under the ‘good guy deeds’ column. I smiled widely as I snatched the ruby into my hand and moved so that I was straddling his lap and peering down at him.

“Wouldn’t happen to be ready for round two already would you, Wolvie?” I asked, fully prepared to display my appreciation for his gesture. He sat up as he moved one of his hands to the small of my back and I felt the answer to my question as it began to solidify against my butt cheeks. He smiled wickedly up at me before speaking.

“Thought you’d never ask, Kitten,” he said and I proceeded to ride my appreciation straight out of him.

il 570xN.223278852 by Superchica

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Chapter 8 - Giving Chase

Logan’s POV

Where the hell has this woman taken me? She called it ‘Gotham City’. I’d call it ‘Shit City’ and that was being courteous. Every alley we passed seemed to have this creepy fog nestled within it. When I say fog, I do mean fog; thick and the oddest colors like green and blue. We didn’t pass a single block that didn’t have a person that didn’t seem to either be strung out on drugs, mentally deranged, or just plain down on their luck. Moreover, don’t even get me started on the smell. I could only describe it in a way that resembled moldy cheese and corn chips. I have six knives that protrude from my knuckles at any given moment and this place made even me uneasy. I couldn’t believe Selina had actually grown up here, lived here; it definitely explained a lot and made me a little wary on her level of batshit craziness. We came to a stop in front of a plain, brick building with stair fire escapes outside each of the windows. Selina looked up to the building and began to feel around in her pockets.

“I guess I should’ve stopped to think about the fact that the keys for my place are back in ‘Neverland’,” she said as she used her fingers to make quotation marks in the air. She smirked to herself as she moved to open the front door, which made me quirk an eyebrow.

“Don’t apartment buildings usually have some sorta security to get through the front door, you know, keep the crazies out?” I asked as I followed her through to the lobby area.

Selina responded with a bout of laughter as she made her way to the stairs. I looked around and spotted the elevator that had a sign that read ‘Under Construction’ draped across it. The sign looked like it had been there for years and even had smiley faces drawn into the O’s.

“Honey, half of the crazies already live in this building and after the fourth break in, I’m pretty sure the apartment complex started to suggest just owning a gun. Get my drift?” Selina responded as I followed her up the stairs while I occasionally and unabashedly snuck a peak at her ass.

“Why the hell do you even live here, Selina? It is an absolute shit hole, hell the whole city is,” I said to her as she turned around for a moment and started to walk up the stairs backwards.

“Never a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,” she said and I couldn’t help but smirk at her movie reference.

“Way to avoid the question, Obi-Wan,” I responded and she seemed to be shocked that I even knew where the reference came from. She paused a moment on the stairs and looked down at me.

“I’m not sure whether to be exceptionally turned on right now that you knew that or to yell the word ‘nerd’ to the top of my lungs and pull your underwear up over your head,” Selina said with a smirk. I narrowed my eyes at her as I raised a single fist to display in between us with a light growl.

“Just try it,” I simply said as I watched Selina lean forward and place her lips delicately on my fist before standing straight up again.

“Mmm, I do love dark and brooding,” she said, as I raised an eyebrow to her again. It was amazing how completely different she was from the woman I originally met, but still so much of her was subconsciously there even before her memories returned.

We reached the top of the stairs and made our way down the hallway. We passed an apartment with the door wide open where an old man walked absently around in circles in only his stained tank top and boxer briefs. Another apartment I could hear screaming and death metal music blasting through the door, another one I could hear the blatant sound of a headboard banging against a wall and the grunts and moans of what could only be two people fucking, and yet another door there was clearly a quick, unashamed drug exchange transaction occurring. This happened to be the apartment right next to Selina’s, which made my jaw square off in annoyance. As I watched the two drug heads in their exchange with my arms crossed over my chest, they seemed to eye me suspiciously but then quickly retreated when Selina’s whine grabbed my attention.

“I should’ve guessed I was going to be welcomed by this considering I’ve been gone for months now. Just perfect,” Selina said as she plucked an eviction notice from her apartment door. Suddenly, the door from across the hall flew open and a very old woman with straw for hair immerged, holding a black cat in her arms. Selina’s eyes widened as she ran across the hall, a completely different demeanor taking over her features as she grabbed the cat from the woman’s arms.

“Oh my goodness, Isis! My wittle wittle girl, I am so sorry Mommy left you. Gertrude, thank you SO much for taking care of her,” Selina said as the old woman put her hands on her hips and I stood a few feet away, simply observing for now.

“Where in tarnation have you been Selina? Three days had gone by and I heard her just meowing up a STORM over there. I asked the landlord if I could grab her because I had no idea when you’d be back!” the woman clamored as Selina continued to nuzzle her face into the cat’s fur, the cat purring back in response.

“I had a family emergency in Canada. I was out and about when I got the call and I didn’t even have time to come back and pack anything for the trip. I honestly didn’t even think I’d be gone that long. I’m so thankful you took care of her, what can I do to make this up to you?” Selina said, having made up an excuse for her departure on the fly rather flawlessly. It always astonished me those that could lie so convincingly. The woman held up her hands as if in defense and shook her head rapidly back and forth.

“No, no. It was my pleasure, Sugarpop. I love little Isis, I just hope your family is ok and-,” the old woman started to say before she was caught off guard The old woman spotted me brooding in the corner of the hallway and took a keen interest apparently, as I watched her run her hands through her hair and attempt to smooth out the wrinkles in her clothes.

“Oh my, Selina! You didn’t tell me you had company…who is the Wolfman lumberjack you are hidin’ over there?” the woman asked as I raised an eyebrow at being referred to as not only a Wolfman but a lumberjack as well. I glanced down to my flannel shirt and smirked before pushing off the wall and walking up to stand beside Selina. Selina cleared her throat as she glanced over to me and then parted her lips, ready to lie. I jumped her to the punch.

“I’m actually an escort. Selina hired me for the weekend. She’s into the burly, woodsman, scruffy types in men and just couldn’t seem to find one to fit her fancy until she saw my ad,” I said to the old woman as I extended my hand to her. I caught Selina’s glare cutting daggers into the side of my head from my peripheral vision as the woman blanched and put her hand in mine, to which I turned it and place my lips onto her knuckles with a wink. Selina let out a nervous laugh as I felt an elbow lodge into my ribs.

“Cat’s out of the bag…Honey-roll,” I said to Selina, mocking the term of endearment the old woman had used moments prior. Selina forced a more genuine smile across her lips as she glanced back over to the woman who was watching us with her hands folded into the other under her chin.

“Awww, maybe this’ll turn out like ‘Pretty Woman’…just you know, the opposite! Though I’d definitely not call you ‘pretty’ you, beastly man you,” the old woman joked as she playfully hit my forearm with her hand and I couldn’t help but smile at the absolute torture spreading across Selina’s features.

“Gertie, do you still have that spare key for my apartment that I gave you? I must have lost it somehow in all the chaos in Canada,” Selina said, trying to divert the conversation as quick as possible. The old woman nodded emphatically as she ducked into her apartment. After a few loud bangs and a couple of old lady curse words, she returned with the key and handed it off to Selina with a sly grin.

“Mmhmm, anxious to get inside aren’t ya?” the woman said as Selina grabbed the key and pressed it into her palm. She glanced over at me for a moment before looking to the woman.

“Oh you have no idea. We’ll try to keep it down.” Selina said as the old woman through her hands in the air absently.

“Oh, please! I couldn’t hear a semi full of cymbals crashing into a gong half the time! Scream away. You always seemed a screamer,” the old woman said with a wink as Selina’s eyes grew wide and she nodded once before turning on her heel, making a beeline for her apartment door.

“Have a good night!” Selina bellowed as she opened the door and tossed her cat inside. I stuck around a moment longer, absorbing the win some more from the old woman before I felt a sudden tug on my jacket as Selina grabbed me and yanked me inside. Once the door was slammed behind me, I felt Selina’s hands plant into my chest just before she shoved me up against the door. Normally, I might have found this attractive, but not with that venomous look on her face.

“Escort?! Are you trying to get me had, Logan?” she asked and I couldn’t help but laugh as I effortlessly pushed off the door and started walking her backwards, her hands still on my chest.

“Not used to being on the opposing side of the lie, are you Selina?” I asked with a devilish grin and an equally devilish grin spread across her face as she back planted into a nearby wall. I raised my hands on either side of her head and peered down at her, my nostrils getting a full whiff of that intoxicating scent that absolutely oozed from her pours. Selina stared up at me before suddenly sliding down the wall and under one of my arms, her cat meowing in protest as she shook some cat food into a nearby bowl.

“I’m going to change. Feel free to make yourself at home. A word of caution though, some of my drawers are booby trapped if you feel so inclined as to snoop through any of them. I, of course, will undoubtedly not tell you which one’s those are,” she said with a wink as she disappeared into a back room. I smirked to myself as I walked over to a nearby window and pushed it slightly ajar. I reached into my inside jacket pocket for a cigar and lighter, not hesitating to begin the slow puffs that allowed the tobacco to escape from the compacted tobacco leaf.

I’d be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t attracted to Selina. She was a package deal. Could handle herself in a tussle, sexy as hell, loved beer, tough as nails, and had now been through the same bullshit I myself endured. I couldn’t even tell you what was stopping me from throwing her ass on the closest surface and screwing her senseless. If I had to take a guess…it was trust. I’ve lived long enough to know that ninety percent of the people in this world you can’t trust any further than you can throw ‘em. Selina claims she is a thief by trade, a profession that surrounds itself on one ever encompassing lie. It’s quite a monkey to hoist on your back. All these thoughts seemed to fly straight out the damn window when I saw Selina immerge from her room in her ‘change of clothes’.

The cigar that was currently resting in my mouth fell to the ground as my lips parted at first glance of her. She was in a head to toe, skintight cat-suit, motorcycle boots, black gloves and what appeared to be a hood of sorts with…cat ears? Fuck the cat ears; what I couldn’t take my eyes off of was the zipper in the front of the cat suit that was currently unzipped almost all the way to her navel. Selina put a hand on her hip as that same devilish grin spread across her face. She then pointed to the ground absently toward my feet.

“Your pants are on fire,” she said simply and I glanced down, noticing that I was in fact on fire from the cigar that I stupidly dropped out of my mouth.

“Oh shit!” I yelped as I quickly stamped at my pants with my hand and pressed my hand into the cigar to stop it from starting a fire throughout the entire apartment. I grimaced from the burning pain shooting through my pain, mostly ignoring it as I knew it’d heal in a matter of minutes. I dusted off my pants as I noticed Selina was now standing right in front me, her head canted. I cleared my throat as I let my eyes trail from her boots to her face. Ok I lied; I lingered on her tits for quite some time before they managed to make it to her face.

“So this is your…uniform? Cat ears and all?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Oh trust me, it gets the job done. Sleek, dark, distracting…,” she said as she played with the zipper that was still undone.

“…and as I said before, the cat motif was decided long before it became an ironic statement of my life, believe me,” she said as I absently motioned towards her chest.

“Do you always leave it unzipped like that? Seems to make the zipper impractical,” I mentioned and she smirked as she slowly started to pull the zipper up all the way to her collarbone and I almost let out a whimper in protest.

“No, I just wanted to see you squirm,” she said as her eyes dropped immediately to my dick and then back up to my face. I bit at the inside of my mouth and took a step toward her. My heartbeat was so ramped I could feel it in my toes; Selina too, took a step toward me and started to go up onto her toes when a sudden knock came at the door. We both paused and immediately went on the defense. Selina slowly made her way over to gaze into the peephole and laughed before opening the door with a hand on her hip.

The woman in the doorway had black hair that was tied neatly in a bun at the base her skull, glasses, and looked like she may have been Greek, maybe? I’d definitely do her. Selina smiled to her as the woman slowly stepped inside, Selina closing the door behind her.

“Diana, it has been a long time. To what do I owe this wonderful pleasure?” Selina said, putting extra emphasis on the word ‘wonderful’ as I took note. The woman she called Diana idly narrowed her eyes at Selina before glancing over to me. She extended her hand, I in turn shook it, to be nice and all that shit.

“My name is Diana Prince. I work with the Department for Meta-human Affairs and we have reason to believe that the two of you are in grave danger with the Humans Against Mutants Authority,” Diana said simply, glancing between the two of us as she spoke and both Selina and myself let out a bit of a laugh.

“Oh please, tell us something we don’t know, Di. We’ve got it covered though, trust me,” Selina said sternly as the two women squared off shoulder to shoulder. I didn’t know the past with these two, but something told me they had always butted heads.

“Imagine my surprise when I saw your name on the list, Selina. Exploring new territories?” Diana said with a raise of her eyebrows. Selina crossed her arms over her chest and leaned forward for extra emphasis.

“Yeah well, some of us don’t have gifted parents,” Selina retorted as Diana squared off her jaw. I cleared my throat, which made the two of them glance over to me.

“I don’t know what kind of feud is going on between you two but the tension is making me mildly uncomfortable,” I jested as Diana smiled at me before looking back to Selina.

“Selina, this is serious. The HAMA is not a group you want to take lightly or mettle with. You both should leave this to the professionals to reduce the possibility of you getting hurt or…other people,” Diana said as Selina opened her mouth to retort. I decided to answer this in the best way I knew how and took a step forward, unleashing one set of my claws. Diana’s eyes widened as she took a single step back.

“We are professionals,” was all I said as Diana peered on at the claws.

“How did you-,” Diana began to say before suddenly a dark, cloudy, portal appeared out of absolutely nowhere and both Selina and myself watched as Diana’s form got sucked into the portal. Just as quickly as the portal appeared, Diana was gone in a flash and the portal disappeared out of sight. Selina and I stood silent for a moment, in complete shock.

“Please tell me that you just saw that happen,” Selina said, still staring at the space where the portal appeared and Diana once resided.

“Uh, yup…portal came, Diana…gone,” I said simply as we both tried to rationalize the likelihood of this possibility actually occurring.

“I feel like we should, I don’t know…do something?” Selina said as she mentally went over the options in her brain.

“Do what exactly? I say…it’s not our problem. She was a buzz-kill anyway,” I said to her smirking and Selina seemed to be more then satisfied with my answer.

“I couldn’t agree more! Now…I need to go and earn some rent money,” she said as she started to wind what appeared to be a bullwhip around her waist. She lifted the cat-eared hood overhead and positioned a pair of goggles on top. She stared at me as if she were expecting me to say or do…something.

“This is the part where you try to stop me? Convince me to make better life choices, blah, etc., blah?” she said as she held out her hands to each side of her. I crossed my arms over my chest with a shrug.

“I have lost count on my both my hands and feet to the amount of people that I have killed in my lifetime. I don’t think I am one to judge someone who wants to rob a jewelry store or two. I am the fine line between good and evil,” I said in complete honesty, peering on at her to await her reaction. I watched as her hands rested onto her hips and she smiled.

“Where…have you been all my life, Wolvie?” she asked and I smirked, running a hand up the back of my neck, deciding to take this down the playful path.

“Out in the woods…chopping up wood and howling at the moon, apparently,” I said as I watched her body start to saunter over to my own. She raised a hand to run it along the inside lining of my jacket, her knuckles grazing my stomach and then my chest. I could feel a lump starting to form in my throat.

“Well come and chase me…woof,” was all she said before she was suddenly running past me, out the window and already climbing down the fire escape. A wicked grin spread across my face as I rolled my shoulders, ready more than ever to give chase.

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Artwork by Jace Wallace

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Chapter 7 - Story Time

Selina’s POV

I watched Logan as he almost completely choked on his beer at the mere mention of us attempting to take out HAMA. I rose a single eyebrow and sat back in my seat, waiting for him to compose himself.

“Are you out of your mind? This group is international. Not to mention they’re like a damned Hydra. You cut off one head and three more spawn in its place,” Logan said with a gruff and I had to cock my head at him and his nay saying words.

“Logan, we are nearly invincible and our claws are pretty much indestructible…who else is going to take out this group of prejudice, fearing assholes, if NOT us?” I said, pursing my lips together as I stared on at him, adjusting in my seat as he stared at me suddenly as if studying me.

“What all do you remember, Selina? ‘Cause all of the sudden you seem mighty passionate about all this, whereas before you couldn’t give a shit as long as you were out of harm’s way,” Logan retorted as I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, I am definitely still considered numero-uno, but with the HAMA constantly on my tail, it makes my lifestyle choices a bit more…difficult,” I retorted and Logan stared on at me for a moment before drumming his fingers on the table. He then leaned forward, resting his elbows atop his knees.

“Selina, you’re avoiding the question…what do you remember?” he asked again and I let out a deep sigh, running a hand through my blonde locks. I started to pick at the label of my beer bottle as I began to recount all the memories that flooded into my brain only mere moments ago.

“Well, I suppose the parts you’d be most interested in hearing are the parts that concern, the shiny claws. Doubt you want to hear the sob story of my upbringing, turn to thievery and an affair with a bat,” I said with a smirk, still picking at the label. Logan sat back in his chair, raising an eyebrow.

“A bat?” he asked and I shook my head vigorously.

“Don’t ask…okay, well it all started with me being kidnapped by some black unmarked van. I was actually grabbed right off the street. I’m not even sure how they knew what I was unless they had been following me and happened to see me in action,” I said, attempting a momentary glance at Logan as he sat still, deadpanned, and waiting for me to continue.

“Before they pulled me from the van, they drugged me. I kept waking up on and off as I drifted in and out of consciousness. It was during one of those brief moments that I heard Malcolm Colcord for the speak first time. The woman seemed concerned that I wouldn’t survive the procedure because I was…different. Colcord wasn’t hearing any of it because all he needed to know was that I had a healing factor, and that was that,” I said, not managing the ability to make eye contact with Logan.

“Why was she saying you were different?” Logan said in a hushed decibel. I smiled to myself as I adjusted in my seat.

“One revelation at a time, Wolvie,” I said and offered him a playful wink before continuing.


“They realized the drugs were wearing off at that point and…drugged me again. When I woke up, I was in some sort of incubation type tank filled with water. I had a breathing apparatus in my mouth and I was completely restrained. I tried to move my limbs, tried to escape, but it was useless,”I continued as I took a moment to glance over at Logan. Mention of the water tank made him adjust in his seat and I noticed his hand started to clutch at the table. He squared off his jaw before nodding in my direction as a sign to continue.

“Colcord attempted to ‘soothe’ me by telling me that once the whole procedure was done that I’d be ‘thankful’, that they were going to make me better, stronger. All I remembered thinking was how to get out of there and if I could manage it before this so called, ‘procedure’ started. I was wrong,” I had continued, as I watched Logan’s grip become so tight on the table it was starting to crack. I rose an eyebrow.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked and he slowly shook his head no as he stared down to the ground. I cleared my throat before continuing.

“What followed was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my entire life. They were pumping liquid metal into my entire body and I could feel my bones accepting and rejecting it all in the same moment. I passed out at some point and when I woke up again, I was escorted to this room where…and I’ll cut to the chase, they forced me to test out my powers and new shiny claws to the most of my ability.” I was about to continue before Logan scooted forward on his seat and stared at me.

“Wait a minute – did they say why they wanted you to fight?” Logan asked and I gave an absent shrug.

“He said I was in Neverland and I had to prove that I was useful and hoped that I’d volunteer for his program. Why, does that mean something to you?” I asked as I watched Logan rake his hands through his hair and then drag them down his stubble face with a growl.

“When I-,when I escaped the original Weapon X program, which sounds like a project Colcord has started up again, but when I escaped Colcord tried to stop me and I nearly tore his face off. After that he became completely obsessed with mutants and took over Weapon X. He started to recruit mutants to work in his little pet projects and tried to recruit me using this mutant named Sabretooth against me,” he started and the name of the said mutant made me quirk a brow.

“Sabretooth, huh? Sounds like my kinda feline,” I said with a wicked grin as Logan looked over at me, slowly furrowing his eyebrows.

“He’s an assassin and clearly has rabies,” Logan responded and I smirked at him before leaning forward and dragging a finger across his cheek lightly.

“Oh, is somebody jealous? Don’t worry…I much prefer doggy style, anyway,” I said as Logan stared at me for a moment, clearing his throat.

“Anyway, needless to say…he didn’t get a chance to recruit me and got to live with a scar on his face for the rest of his life to remember me by,” Logan said and I began to play with the cuticles on each of my fingers as I continued my story.

“Well, he didn’t recruit me either. After he forced me to go all berserk on this weird snake cyborg looking thing they brought in to fight me…my berserker rage continued until I nearly killed everyone in my path and escaped. Definitely not one of my prouder moments in life. Lacked finesse and stealth too much for my taste,” I said with a grimace before I managed to make eye contact with him again.

“Does it hurt you too…every time you take them out to play?” I asked raising my eyebrows and staring on at him like an adolescent attempting to make it through growing pains. He nodded slowly as he made a fist, uncoiled his fingers, and then made a fist again.

“It does, but you get used to it. I hardly even notice anymore to be honest,” Logan said as I stared down at my own hands with a light sigh. I had been doing just dandy with the healing factor and night vision given to me, the claws just made me the ultimate freak show.

“You still haven’t told me why you’re…different,” he said as I leaped up from my chair, immediately prepared to derail this conversation straight off a cliff if necessary.

“Whew, look at the time! If we’re going to track down HAMA tomorrow, we’re going to need our beauty rest. Well, at least me anyhow,” I said with a light twirl of my hips.

“Selina…,” Logan began not clearly as amused with my antics as I was. He sat back in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest with a grunt, and stared on at me.

“Logan, please it is super late and I’d at least like to get a roll in the hay out of you before I open THAT particular trap door. You’ll think I’m completely nuts,” I said, starting to turn away, ready to completely end the conversation before I felt his hand grip on my elbow almost tenderly. Wow, and here I thought this guy had two modes…grumpy and grumpier.

“Try me. I’ve seen a lot of shit in a hundred years,” Logan said and I offered a light smile before dragging my fingers through blonde locks. I cleared my throat and sat on the edge of the table.

“I should’ve been dead a few years ago. I had a rare moment of distraction and misjudgment on a job. Some thug surprised me by showing up on a floor I had deemed completely clear and I surprised him just as much to which he responded by shoving my ass out a window. When my face hit concrete, I would’ve either been a paraplegic the rest of my life or died shortly after,” I started as Logan’s lips slowly parted and eyes grew wide.

“Jesus Christ, Selina,” he said and I held up a finger as a sign for him to hold all comments and applause till the end of the story.

“Oh, I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, Kibbles. So, I’m lying there thinking of my entire life’s choices and dozens and dozens of cats start coming from the shadows. Some nibble at my fingers, others just licked, but then there was this one cat in particular. The cat we ran into randomly in the woods earlier? Same exact one. I’d recognize the silver with black spots and tail that looked like it had been dipped in black paint, anywhere.” Logan went to move his lips as if he was about to speak and I held up my hand again, needing to finish this crazy ass story or I may not actually finish it.

“That cat, it stared at me for a few moments as if contemplating something and then came up to me and placed its mouth over mine. I passed out at some point during this mouth to mouth resuscitation and when I came to…I was completely healed, had night vision, and as I discovered later…the healing factor,” I said and Logan’s jaw visibly dropped down even further.

“You’ve gotta be fucking shitting me,” he said and I rolled my eyes at him, letting out a sigh.

“What part about, let me finish is not clear to you?” I asked as I raised my eyebrows to him. I waited a few moments, and once satisfied he was officially shutting up, continued my story.

“Earlier, when I got all my memories back, it was because of the cat. The cat…is Bastet, an Egyptian cat goddess. She serves as a protector of women of sorts and apparently as she revealed to me when she gave me my memories back, including some of her own, she chose me to help carry on her legacy in a way, in this time period and gave me the additional means to do so. Aside from my innate burglary skills, sultriness, and acrobatics I already possessed, of course,” I said as I cleared my throat and slowly stood from the table looking over my shoulder to him as he stood there dumbfounded.

“So…you’re not a mutant, but a resurrected cat goddess who was brought back to life by a domestic house cat?” Logan said, sarcasm clearly lacing his tone. I rolled my eyes at him with a sigh.

“Not resurrected, gifted by a goddess and not just any cat…an Egyptian Mau,” I responded to him and he threw up his hands in defense.

“Oh, EXCUSE me…yes, an Egyptian Mau, that makes it all the more sane. Whew, you had me going there,” he said with a chuckle and I slowly narrowed my eyes at him.

“Screw you, Teen Wolf. Believe it or not, that’s the truth…I am not a mutant, and I am going to sleep. I suggest you do the same, we need your sniffer in full form tomorrow,” I said as I started to move away from the table.

“Sure you don’t need a saucer of milk heated up or something first?” Logan retorted towards me, which made me stop in my tracks. I turned around on my heel and took a few steps towards him, my body leaning down to meet his face with mine. I placed one hand on the seat directly in front of his crotch and then used my fingers to trace the outer rim of his ear, my breath lightly caressing his lips.

“Only if you share some catnip with me first,” I said, a smirk slowly played across my lips before I stood straight up and made my way over to the bed. Logan sat there for several moments staring off into space before he was able to rise from his seat and adjust his jeans.

The next day, with the help of Logan’s esteemed canine smelling powers…we managed to track our way to one of the many HAMA hideouts. I had been currently scaling the side of the building, clutching to the gutters along the way as I did so. I glanced down below to see Logan impatiently pacing back and forth, occasionally looking up at me as he did so. I paused by a window, unleashed my claws and proceeded to cut a piece of glass out so that I could unlatch the window. Déjà vu right then or what? Once inside I snuck my way around until I reached a window near where Logan was, so that he too could climb his way inside.

“I could’ve just smashed a window for cripes sake, instead of waiting around watching your little circus act,” he whispered and I put my hands on my hips, glaring on at him.

“Oh sure, and alert every single HAMA agent in the mean time? Honestly, you’re such a brute,” I whispered back as he only offered a glare back in return. We surveyed each and every floor of the building and soon realized that there wasn’t a single living soul in the entire compound.

“How could they have possibly known we were coming?” I asked, looking around at the items that made it appear they left in a hurry. There was a half drunk mug of coffee, unstacked papers littered about, lights were still on, and even more important…a computer was still on. I wriggled my fingers together before I moved to sit down in the computer chair. Logan grabbed my waist and rose an eyebrow at me.

“Haven’t you heard to never sit in someone else’s desk chair?” he asked and I slowly looked from left to right as I let the question register. My face then formed into a disgusted grimace before nodding once.

“Excellent point,” I said as I pressed the spacebar on the keyboard to bring the machine to life. A prompt popped up asking for a password. Of course, there was a password!

“Could we be so lucky that the HAMA are complete dumb asses?” Logan asked and I gave an idle shrug.

“Only one way to find out,” I said and proceeded to put in all the most common, half-witted passwords known to man such as: Password, Password123, Password12345, thisismypassword. None of these passwords were actually the password, mind you and so I sat there and tapped a finger on my lower lip in thought before I slowly typed in: HAMARules! This…was the password.

“What a bunch of fucking idiots,” Logan mumbled as I smiled widely.

“All the more easy for us to corrupt them, my dear,” I said in response as I began to sift through the files. I pulled up files on both Logan and myself, which received equalized annoyed grunts from both of us.

“Do you see any on Jean or Scott Summers?” he asked and I went to the folder marked with an ‘S’, not seeing any as I shook my head. I started to look through files at random before I noticed a file that had been minimized before they left. I cocked my head as I read the file aloud.

“Name: Waylon Jones, Known Aliases: Killer….Croc,” I read as I pursed my lips together and looked over my shoulder at Logan.

“I know where they’re going,” I said as I stood straight up, already starting to walk off towards the door.

“Selina, where are they going?” Logan asked and I stared at him for a moment before speaking.

“My home turf…Gotham City. We’ll stop by my place before we start sleuthing. I could use a change of clothes,” I said with a smirk and off we went, back to the city of the lost and deranged.

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Chapter 6: Everything

Logan’s POV

Jean fucking Grey. I still couldn’t believe it. After all these years she sensed the first time I’ve found trouble in Lord knows how long and comes racing to help me, even though she knows that me and the claws have it pretty well covered. I watched her read Selina’s mind, my eyes roaming across her face, her fiery hair, that body. I shook my head and let out a grunt, my hands clenching at my sides again as I began to pace. She was Jean Summers, the asshat somehow drove it all the way home to marriage. Despite Jean’s best efforts, I would never see Scott as anything but a smug douchebag that happened to meet the woman of my dreams before I did. My attention immediately turned back to the matter at hand once Jean spoke the name Colcord, I knew exactly whom he was. This guy tried to recruit me into his freak show that he tried to pass off as a newly reformed Weapon X program, and had also informed me that the huge scar he called a face was due to yours truly nearly slicing it off when I escaped.

I ran a hand through my hair upon realizing that not only did we have the HAMA to deal with but Malcolm Colcord as well. It seemed he had in fact started up his glorified Weapon X program and went parading the globe looking for eligible candidates. Selina unfortunately landed on his radar and now would be able to thank the nightmares she has for the rest of her life on Mr. Colcord himself. Fuck.

“Are you…Egyptian by chance?” Jean had asked Selina and that made me quirk my brow. That had seemed incredibly random, even for Jean to ask.

“Well, that’s a random question,” Selina had answered. Here I thought Jean was the telepath here.

“You know I have no way of remembering that, right?” Selina followed up with and Jean shook her head, slightly rubbing at her temple.

“Sorry, yes, you’re right. I just saw the most curious images of-,” Jean began to say before she was so rudely interrupted by the asshat himself.

“Jean!” Scott bellowed as he damn near tripped his way down the slope until he made it to Jean and they embraced. The hug was followed by a rather ravenous mouth swap to which both Selina and myself, as I had noticed, rolled our eyes.

“Should you be standing? You were knocked unconscious,” Scott said as he surveyed her body for injuries. I butted in at this point.

“She’s fine, Summers. Just some mild bruising and a cut on her head,” I replied and turned my head when I heard Selina chime in.

“Why didn’t you just lick her wound, Logan? Wouldn’t your saliva be like, extra potent?” Selina said with an all too devilish grin as I furrowed my eyebrows with a growl, turning to face her whilst remaining by Scott and Jean. Scott cleared his throat as he cocked an eyebrow to Jean.

“What’s with these two?” he asked and Jean crossed her arms over her chest with a smile.

“Unbeknownst star crossed lovers it seems,” she said and Selina and I both turned toward Jean and retorted the same word at the same time.

“No,” we both had said and glanced for only a moment at each other before idly clearing our throats. I turned my direction back to the reunited couple.

“I called for an ambulance and a tow truck. I really have to insist you go to the hospital, Sweetheart, you could be more hurt then you realize,” Scott said and I realized the bastard hadn’t even acknowledged my presence.

“Hey, bub, I can’t even get a ‘how ya been, Asshole’ from you?” I said, interrupting their little debate. Scott turned his red-lensed glasses in my direction and crossed his arms over his chest with a smirk.

“Hey, Asshole….how have you been?” Scott said and I couldn’t help but smirk at his sarcasm.

“I’ve been real swell, thanks for askin’,” I said, just as sarcastically and Jean rolled her eyes, stepping in between the two of us.

“Honestly you two, I swear,” Jean said with a shake of her head just as the ambulance turned off from the road up ahead. Jean pursed her lips, eyeing the twirling red lights coming our direction before glancing over at Selina and then back to myself.

“Are you sure you two don’t need any help? The HAMA will not stop hunting you; you of all people should know that,” Jean said and Selina stepped up to us putting her hands on her hips.

“We’ll be fine. We both heal, we both have claws…,” she started to say, glaring over to me at the mention of claws before continuing,

“…amongst other things. There’s no reason to go throwing you and your husband into the mix and having them find out you two are mutants as well,” Selina said and I had to raise my eyebrows at her generosity for two people she had just met. Jean continued to purse her lips as she mulled over Selina’s words and nodded once. She then turned to me and pulled me in for a hug…a very…tight…hug. I hugged her just as tightly back and looked over her shoulder at Scott who stood with his arms crossed. I couldn’t help but give him a wink and he ran a frustrated hand through his hair. Jean then stepped back and stared at me.

“Please be careful, Logan. I’ll be listening in as often as I can. Unless you two decide to work out your…feelings…towards each other?” she said, ending her sentence with a sly smirk. I glanced over at Selina who had a confused look on her face and I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head.

“You listen in whenever you want to, Sweetcheeks. That ain’t happenin’,” I responded and Jean glanced over to Selina and then back to myself.

“Uh huh,” was all she said, that damn smirk still splayed across her lips. Jean reached over and shook Selina’s hand as they turned to leave.

“It was very nice meeting you,” Jean said and Selina responded in kind. Scott began to lead Jean away from us as he idly gave a wave over his shoulder. Selina came to stand beside me, folding her arms over her chest.

“Well, what a dick…can’t even verbally say goodbye?” Selina said and I turned to look at her, putting my hands on my hips.

“You know, it is astonishing that we can actually see eye to eye on one single damned thing,” I said with a smirk and she started to walk backwards in the direction we were heading in before this entire fiasco occurred.

“Not true! We also both drink beer like it’s going out of style. You’d think my boyfriendwould’ve noticed the seven empty beer bottles on the bar in front of me?” she said to me, referring back to the first minutes of me having ever even met her. I rolled my eyes and started walking towards her.

“Oh come on, those could have been anyone’s,” I retorted as she gave a smirk, starting to turn back forward when she let out a little yelp.

“Jesus!” she bellowed and I trotted up to her to see what all the commotion was about. It was then I saw a silver cat with black spots winding its way through Selina’s legs, purring all the while.

“What the hell, where did that cat even come from?” I said as I looked around, Selina stood with her back still towards me, remaining motionless as the cat continued to rub itself in and out of Selina’s leg in a figure eight pattern. The cat suddenly stopped its rubbing pattern as it spotted me, it’s back arched toward the sky as all the hair on its spine stood straight up and it let out a loud hiss. I furrowed my eyebrows at it and growled. Soon, the cat scurried off and I turned to look at Selina who was still standing there, frozen. I cocked an eyebrow and walked around to the front of her seeing that she was staring off into the distance, wide eyed and not blinking.

“Selina?” I said as I waved my hand back and forth in front of her face. I slowly moved my ear towards her nose to see if she was even breathing when she suddenly took a loud intake of breath, which made me leap back in defense. Her hands started to dart all over her body and she started to laugh…almost a little maniacally, before running both her hands through her hair. She then looked over at me, her face morphing into a very sly grin.

“I remember,” she said as she slowly started to make her way over to me. I looked from left to right actually feeling a little, well, awkward.

“Remember what, darlin’?” I asked, as she stood right in front of me, leaning her face closer to mine.

Everything,” she said and I rose my eyebrows at her, realizing that somehow she just got all of her memories back.

“No shit…did the-the cat didn’t just do that, did it?” I asked, almost feeling like a complete idiot for even letting that question slip past my lips.

“That…is a discussion for another time,” she said before jutting her hand out towards me for a shake.

“My name is Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. I’m a thief…a good one, can wield one hell of a bullwhip, and you and I have a lot to talk about,” she said as I slowly extended my hand to shake hers, an eyebrow raising as the confusion started to settle in. It was as if I didn’t even know this woman now. So far, I liked this Selina…a lot better. I then watched as Selina stretched her arms up towards the sky letting out an idle moan as she did so, my eyes couldn’t help but watch her movements, my nostrils flaring at the scents flooding my nose yet again. I wrinkled my nose in protest as she glanced over her shoulder at me.

“I think everyone should get amnesia once in a life time. It is absolutely invigorating when you’re back in your own skin…so to speak,” she said smiling out of the corner of her mouth to me. Invigorating, huh? I wouldn’t know what it felt like to remember everything about my past life. I had pieced together enough of it over the years to make do at least. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I’d do if I remembered absolutely everything at this point.

“I say we buy a six pack…or three, find a motel and I can fill you in on as much as is relevant right now. We’ve had quite a long day,” she said as her eyes unabashedly fell to the boots on my feet and trailed their way up until her eyes met with mine. I cleared my throat as I dug through the pockets of jeans and then my jacket.

“I’d love to, darlin’, but I haven’t a dime to my name,” I said to her, actually a little embarrassed in the fact that I truly had no money on me at all. It usually didn’t matter as I could make do on my own, but add a woman into the mix? Just perfect, Logan. She shrugged and started to look around.

“That’s no big deal, just get me to an area with some people and I’ll take care of it,” she said before she leaned forward and delicately tapped the tip of my nose.

“Care to use that sniffer and lead us to a motel, Rover?” she asked with a sly grin as her eyes fell to look at my lips. I cleared my throat again as her scent filled my nostrils and I took a few steps back and began to do what was asked of me, ignoring the dog name. I jutted my head in a direction that I picked up a scent of humans and we started walking.

“I’m sorry, did you say you go by the name of Catwoman?” I asked, as I went over her little introductory words she gave mere moments before.

“I did not stutter. Though I can tell you that I had donned that name before it became ironic,” she said, smirking to herself as she stared down at her hands for a moment and clenched them together. She rolled her shoulders and reached over, suddenly running my dog tags through her fingers.

“Besides, you’re one to talk…Wolverine. You know that animal is considered of the weasel species variety, right?” she said with a raise of the eyebrow and I yanked the dog tags from her grasp, sliding them back inside of my tank top.

“I’ll be sure to let my military brothers know they need a taxonomy lesson. Also, I’m sure “Wolf Boy” was already taken,” I said to her with a smirk and a wicked grin played across her lips yet again as she clasped her hands behind her back.

“Touché,” she retorted and I had to stop walking for a moment as I raised my eyebrows to her.

“Did you just admit defeat in a banter?” I asked her and she smiled towards me.

“Well, I gotta let you win every once and awhile otherwise you’ll just flat out resent me, hmm?” she answered and I shook my head with a small laugh before continuing to walk. We spent several more moments walking before my nose lead us to a semi-populated area with several people littering the streets, a general store, a motel and a pharmacy. I looked over to Selina as I held a hand out in front of me.

“People, as requested,” I said to her as she raised a hand and idly scratched the back of my ear with a grin as she looked up at me.

Good boy,” she whispered and I narrowed my eyes at her. I wouldn’t admit it to her right then, but the scratching actually felt pretty damn good. Selina sauntered past me and started to make her way over to the few people that walked amidst the streets. I crossed my arms over my chest as I watched her, not taking my gaze off from her as I watched her survey the people at her disposal. Predictably, she chose a man as her prey and pretended to look at a piece of paper that she had pulled from her pocket. Her form collided straight into the man’s, her hands immediately bracing his shoulders in an apology, her head falling back in a laugh. The man in turn gripped her shoulder, which made some of the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. I grunted, shrugging it off as I saw Selina pointing to her piece of paper and then up and ahead of them somewhere. The man looked up in that direction and Selina ran her hand down the man until it came to rest at the small of his back. She then continued to nod emphatically and gave the man the kiss on a cheek, which caused a low growl to form in the back of my throat. As Selina made her way back over to me, I ran a hand through my hair to regain my composure.

“Whoa, who pissed in your food bowl?” she asked me. I obviously hadn’t been doing a very convincing job of pretending anything I just saw bothered me.

“You want me to get you two a room instead?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows at her. She in turn rose her own eyebrows at me and held up a wad of cash.

“Easy there, cowboy. All part of the play,” she said and I eyed the cash between her fingers. I went to take it from her as she recoiled and held a hand up to my face.

“What makes you think that you get to hold onto the dough?” she asked me and my fists began to clench as she turned from me, sauntering her little thieving ass towards the motel across the street. I let out a huff as I followed behind her. She glanced over her shoulder at me.

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, Wolvie, and I’m feelin’…so very good,” she said, and I had to roll my eyes at her quoting a song. I was about to protest to her calling me the nickname I’ve since become to loathe before she was already walking through the door to the motel’s lobby and smiling at the old woman behind the counter.

“Just one night, please,” Selina said to the clerk as she peeled a hundred dollar bill from the wad of cash she had just stolen. I walked up behind her, peering down at the old woman, who looked from myself and back to Selina with a smirk.

“We charge by the hour actually, missy,” the old lady said and Selina and I both cocked our eyebrows as we looked at each other side longed.

“Alrighty, well…how about 12 hours then?” Selina asked as the woman smirked again and gave her change from the hundred.

“Oh, do you know of somewhere where we could pick up some beer?” Selina asked, raising her eyebrows to the old woman.

“How many ya want?” the old woman asked and Selina glanced behind her shoulder at me as I shrugged to her in response.

“Um, twelve?” Selina answered as the old woman hopped off her stool and walked to the back. Upon her return, she carried two six packs of Prabst Blue Ribbon and placed them down in front of us.

“Beggars can’t be choosers, hm?” Selina said with a light laugh and the old woman stared on at her, unamused, waiting for more cash. I reached in front of Selina to grab the beer bottles before she had a chance to protest. The old lady began to count the cash in her drawer as she called out after us as we left the lobby.

“Those walls are thin you two!” the woman said as Selina turned to look at her before walking out the door.

“That’s alright; we usually more like to check the sturdiness of the headboard,” she retorted with a wink that made the old lady’s mouth fall agape. The door shut as Selina sauntered past me and I cocked an eyebrow to her.

“Jesus, what kind of talk did you want to have?” I said with a smirk as Selina walked a few doors down and used the key to open the door to our room for the night. Selina walked and tossed the keys to the nearby nightstand, turning around to face me as I walked in and set the beer on the table.

“Well, for starters, I thought we’d start with a few tricks like, ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’,” she said, putting one hand on her hip as she held a hand out towards one of the vacant chairs. I smirked and proceeded to remove my jacket, draping it over the back of my chair and taking a seat.

“You tell me ‘Good Boy’ again and I can’t promise to be as passive about it,” I said to her before she had a chance to respond. She smiled slyly and sat down in the seat opposite of me.

“Oh, don’t even tease a girl like that,” Selina said with a wink and I grabbed two of the beer bottles. I unsheathed one of my claws and used it to pop the top off both the bottles at one time. Selina rose an eyebrow as I slid the bottle over to her.

“Well that was all kinds of sexy,” Selina said simply and lifted the bottle to her lips. I sheathed the claw and offered her a wink. Selina took a drag from the beer bottle before resting it down in front of her. She leaned forward and ran a hand through her hair before offering a wry smile.

“So, let’s talk about how we and our claws are going to infiltrate HAMA,” Selina said and I nearly choked on the current swig of beer that I was taking.


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